Geology & Resources

We delineate and estimate the size, quality or grade of mineral deposits using industry-standard tools. Our team can contribute to the decision-making process using robust interpretation of ore geology and recommendations for drilling and core sampling.

We use 3D modelling software and advanced geostatistical methods to model commodity size and quality/grade distribution. Our experts can integrate complex datasets to generate and refine targets, delineate ore shapes and identify controls on mineralisation.

Our team has proven experience in working with both metal and industrial mineral commodities for resource delineation.


  • Field structural analysis to determine the controls of grade distribution
  • Geological, geochemical, and geophysical data integration and modelling
  • Database management and implementation
  • 3D data integration, 3D geological and domain modelling
  • Resource modelling using defined geological criteria and grade data
  • Mineral resource/reserves estimation and classification through advanced geostatistical analysis

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