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23 Years OfSuccessWork
We provide a wide range of services for the Mining Industry including exploration, pre-production, resource upgrade, geotechnical drilling as well as a variety of assessments for mining projects. Whatever your needs may be, we can help with technical support, de-risk and expansion of your project.








We offer quality services for the mining industry

About Us

Geotest Consulting Engineers provides full-service support to customers of the mining industry.

We have an accumulated experience of over 22 years having successfully delivered a wide range of projects including exploration, geotechnical drilling, resource upgrade/infill and mine design & planning projects for European customers.

We prioritize a safe work place

Health & Safety

We have the policy of committing uncompromisingly to the occupational health and safety of our employees.

We are proud to having established an inhouse safety monitoring system that enhances safeness at the workplace, mitigate operational risks and help maintain a high productivity in our operations.

We support our operations through a range of initiatives including constant personnel training, SOP’s, safety walks and stop work hierarchy.

Geotest is certified for Mineral and Geotechnical Research:

• Occupational of Health & Safety Management System / EN ISO 45001:2018

We maintain a diverse portfolio working in European assets


Headquarter offices in Athens, Greece and two regional offices in Romania and Serbia.

We are currently working in five European countries.

We maintain a strong presence in regional exploration and resource upgrade projects for a number of assets including base metals, gold, talc, lithium, chromite etc.

We provide a wide span of services in mining geotechnics from geotechnical drilling to focused studies for operational support and risk mitigation.

We deliver a range of specialised services for clients within the mining industry that range across the project life cycle from early-stage exploration, MRMR estimation, mine design and LoM planning.

Geotest Consulting Engineers SA

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